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Destination South America

With the world’s greatest river, longest mountain range, highest active volcano and tallest waterfall, quite frankly it can sometimes seem like South America is just showing off. But we have to admit, South and Latin American holidays take some beating for sheer variety and vibrancy, with tours and adventurous itineraries taking in steamy rainforests, eerie deserts, ski slopes, tropical beaches, European-style capitals and indigenous villages – as well as many luxury hotels. South America is About Travels top pick for a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday or honeymoon.

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Argentines are known as the show-offs of South America, but we really can’t blame them, a luxury holiday to Argentina has it all. The country boasts the magnificent Andes to the west, the splendiferous Iguassu Falls to the tropical northeast, and to the south, Patagonia, with its vast steppe, sub Antarctic wildlife, lakes and glaciers. And that’s without mentioning Buenos Aires, the best steaks in the world and luxury hotels and estancias with wine cellars to die for. See what we mean?

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It’s easy to fall for Brazil. With the best carnival in the world, the coolest beach life and arguably the world’s most beautiful people, Brazil is captivating and infectious – an exceptional destination for an amazing luxury holiday or honeymoon of a lifetime. Covering half of the landmass of South America, Brazil has the lot: endless beaches, fabulous luxury hotels, the wildlife-rich marshland of the Pantanal, the Amazon, lovely colonial cities and, how could we forget, Rio de Janeiro.

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Tucked away behind the Andes is South America’s tall, leggy beauty, Chile. Her vital statistics are impressive: only 180 km wide but 4329 km long, and with looks to die for. From the arid deserts of the north through to temperate rainforests, glaciers, lakes and fjords to the south, Chile’s dramatic landscapes are hard to resist and a luxury holiday or honeymoon here is simply unforgettable. Once a backpacker-only trip, the excellent luxury Explora hotel now offers the holiday of a lifetime from Chile’s Atacama Desert across into Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni, a blindingly-white salt desert dotted with black volcanic rock, giant cactae and multi-coloured lakes.

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Colombia is the rising star of the South American travel scene. With security concerns a thing of the past, Colombia is welcoming more and more visitors, but is still blissfully unspoiled and undeveloped. Music, dancing, food and drink are central to Colombian culture and About Travel can tailor-make your Colombia holiday so you get the very most out of your trip. From the beaches of the Caribbean coast to beautiful colonial cities, boutique luxury hotels to the misty hills of the Coffee Triangle, luxury travel in Colombia is a very exciting option.

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Divided by the Andes into coast, highlands and jungle, Ecuador is a tiny country by South American stands, but still packs a punch. The Andean scenery here is stunning, the jungle lodges and hotels are some of the best in the continent, the wildlife colourful and the people are charming and wonderfully hospitable. Untouched Amazon rainforest, vibrant markets and wonderful colonial towns add still more to a luxury holiday or honeymoon in Ecuador. For the ultimate adventure, take a flight to the Galapagos for one of the most incredible wildlife experiences on the planet.

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For a shot in the arm of South American culture, head for a luxury holiday or honeymoon in Peru. Peru lives and breathes its Inca heritage from impressive archaeological sites perched impossibly in the Andes to colourful communities, where Inca arts, crafts and cuisine still thrive. Drop some 3000m and you hit steamy rainforests; take a cruise along their rivers to see caiman, pink river dolphin and stunning Amazon sunsets. Peru is one of the best South American countries for luxury family adventure holidays, offering countless options for exhilarating, action-packed itineraries.

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Fighting for the limelight between Brazil and Argentina is little visited Uruguay, a rural gem of a country where cattle easily outnumber its tiny population. Argentineans have been hitting Uruguay’s beaches and luxury hotels in Punta del Este for years and we suggest you do the same for some r&r at the end of one of our South American luxury holidays or family adventure tours. Or take your time and reach Uruguay by ferry from Buenos Aires and explore inland. Pretty Colonia is worth a mooch, while capital Montevideo has bags of South American charm. The rolling hills and wide, empty beaches are perfect horse riding territory so you can roam Uruguay gaucho-style.

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